Issue 38 George Whitefield

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George Whitefield: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about George Whitefield.

the Editors

George Whitefield: From the Editor — The Original Christian History

Because of Whitefield, Thomas Prince, Jr. decided to launch a religious magazine.

Kevin A. Miller

Heavenly Comet

As George Whitefield blazed across England, Scotland, and America, his dramatic preaching caused excitement bordering on panic.

Dr. Harry S. Stout

I Run For My Horse With All My Might

A farmer races to the sensation.

Nathan Cole

Deep Mourning

The effect of Whitefield’s death.

Cornelius Winter

Come, Poor, Lost, Undone Sinner

A persuasive appeal from a powerful evangelist.

George Whitefield

George Whitefield: A Gallery of Leaders of the Awakening Army

Whitefield’s co-workers in the great eighteenth-century revival.

Mark Galli

Persecuted Preachers

Two evangelists face a mob.

the Editors

Christian History Timeline: George Whitefield 1714-1770

Chronology of key events related to the life of George Whitefield.

Richard Owen Roberts

Pushing to the Point of Exhaustion

A look at one year of Whitefield’s whirlwind ministry.

Arnold Dallimore and the editors

The Quotable Whitefield

A sampler of sayings.

Compiled by Randy & Cathy Colver

The Religious Odd Couple

Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield: Theologically, they were miles apart, yet they became affectionate friends.

Frank Lambert

House of Mercy, Prison of Debt

Soon after he began an orphanage, Whitefield found himself chained by expenses he couldn’t pay.

Gary Sanseri

Whitefield’s Curious Love Life

Believing God willed a wife, yet wanting to live as if without one—brought Whitefield a disappointing love life and largely unhappy marriage.

Mark Galli

Wesley Vs. Whitefield

Theological differences distanced the two former partners in evangelism.

J.D. Walsh

War of Words

Heated theological exchange.

the Editors

The Startling Puritan

The message of the greatest communicator of his age.

J.I. Packer

Slaveholding Evangelist

Whitefield’s troubling mix of views.

Mark Galli

Father of Modern Evangelicals

We still feel Whitefield’s influence today.

Mark A. Noll

George Whitefield & His World: Recommended Resources

More resources for research on George Whitefield and his times.

Allen C. Guelzo
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