Issue 49 Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages

What's inside

Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about everyday faith in the late Middle Ages.

the Editors

From the Editor — Faith that Filled the Nooks and Crannies

Faith in the high middle ages.

Mark Galli

Religion With a Human Face

One woman’s extraordinary faith reveals much about the ordinary faith of the Middle Ages.

Joseph Lynch

Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages: A Gallery of Unexpected Companions

Four Pilgrims in Canterbury Tales show the startling mix of medieval faith.

Lance Wilcox

An Inkeeper’s Faith

Christianity in one Spanish village—a historical re-creation.

Glenn Olsen

Parenting With Mother Church

In the medieval world, what you taught your children was not just your business.

Katherine French

Christian History Timeline: Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages

Chronology of some events associated with Medieval Christianity.

Daniel Bornstein

Scripture-Drenched Life

Medieval monasteries were Bible schools extraordinaire.

Dennis Martin

The Word Made Visible

Christians in the Middle Ages may have been largely illiterate, but they were not ignorant of the Bible.

Richard C. Leonard

When a Third of the World Died

During the Black Death, the greatest catastrophe in human history, how did Christians respond?

Mark Galli

Warrior Spirituality

Princes and knights were expected to be men of noble character, military prowess, and deep Christian faith.

John Sommerfeldt

Orthodoxy Wasn’t Always Good Enough

The two most widespread medieval heresies.

Bernard Hamilton

Carrots and Sticks

How the Catholic Church responded to heresy.

Bernard Hamilton

God’s Glory in Wood and Stone

Intriguing facts behind one of medieval Christendom’s magnificent legacies: The Cathedral.

Kevin A. Miller

Interview — Stepping Into a Christian Culture

Medieval Christianity seems dark and foreign—until you take a closer look.

John Van Engen

Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages: Recommended Resources

Suggested resources for those who want to learn more about faith in the middle ages.

the Editors

History in the Making — Pentecost at Prime Time

Early religious TV presented huge challenges, which Pentecostals met better than most.

David Harrell
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