Issue 107 Debating Darwin

What's inside

Origin of Conflict

Darwin’s “staggering” theory would have far-reaching implications

John Hedley Brooke

Survival of the [social] fittest

Some of the controversy over Darwin came from how his ideas were applied to economics and race

Matt Forster

Wrestling with doubt

How often did the encounter with Darwinism cause a spiritual crisis?

Ronald L. Numbers

“What is Darwinism?”

A sampling of opinions from various theologians and scientists

Elesha Coffman and the editors

Did you know?

Much more than monkey business

the Editors

Editor’s note: Debating Darwin

History turns out to be more complicated than we expect

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Divine designs

Conservative Christians moved from cautious consideration of Darwin to outright rejection

Edwin Woodruff Tait

The church and the soul

Catholics were all over the map in their reactions to Darwin

David Mislin

Theology, reconstructed

Liberal Protestants hoped to accommodate evolution and Christianity

Jon H. Roberts

The great war

How Darwinism led to a battle between science and faith

George Marsden

Christian History graph: Debating Darwin

Reactions to Darwin divided into six different camps

The Editors

Chance or the dance?

Many Christians in European countries found Darwin's ideas challenging

Frederick Gregory

Darwin on trial?

The Scopes Trial revealed developing divisions over evolution

David Goetz and the editors

Darwin on tour

How you responded to Darwin in many cases depended on where you lived

David Livingstone and the editors.

What the Bible demands

CH sat down with Biblical scholar John Walton and scientist Jeff Schloss to talk about science, faith, the Bible, and Darwin

John Walton, Jeff Schloss, and the editors

Debating Darwin: Recommended resources

Here are a few books, websites, and past CH issues recommended by CHI staff and this issue’s authors to help you navigate how Christians responded to Darwin between the publication of his books and the Scopes Trial

The Editors
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