Issue 104 Christians in the New Industrial Economy

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Industrialization, Did you know?

The Industrial Revolution replaced human skills with machine skills all over Europe and America

the Editors

Editor’s note: Industrialization

How Christians dealt with the realities of the Industrial Revolution

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Wealth, socialism, and Jesus

Churches in the nineteenth century were divided on how to reach those affected by the new economy

Janine Giordano Drake

Conquest or conversion?

Missionaries worked hand-in-hand with economic interests but sometimes found their efforts being thwarted instead

Jeffrey B. Webb

The life and times of John Bascom

How social gospelers applied the teachings of Jesus to economic issues

William Kostlevy

Brothers and sisters of charity

The Catholic response to a transformed world

Kevin Schmiesing

Houses of hospitality

Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin worked alongside the poor, inspired by their Christian faith and their economic ideals

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Christian History Timeline: What Happened when the World Transformed?

Christians responded to the issues caused by a newly mechanized, industrialized world in a host of ways

the Editors

Eating bread with widows and orphans

Wesleyans in Britain and America helped both the bodies and souls of those the Industrial Revolution left behind

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

“Amid the wreck of things”

E. Stanley Jones, Carl F. H. Henry, and Billy Graham called for the church to respond to social and economic realities

Stephen W. Rankin

Meeting together for the good of the world

Christian social congresses tried to transform the economic order

Clifford B. Anderson and Kenneth Woodrow Henke

Godless capitalists?

Godless capitalists? How Christian industrialists ran their businesses and used their wealth

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Common wealth?

Communal societies influenced by Christian teachings found they could not leave economics behind

Gari-Anne Patzwald

The economy of God

Does Christianity impact how we earn our living today?

Greg Forster

Industrialization: Recommended resources

There is no shortage of resources that recount how industrialization changed the world and how the church responded. Here are a few recommended by CH staff and this issue’s authors to help you navigate the landscape

the Editors
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