Issue 98 How the Church in China Survived and Thrived in the 20th Century

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Editor's letter: The race marked out for us

The dynamic growth and unique challenges of modern Chinese Christianity

Jennifer Trafton

From Foreign Mission to Chinese Church

Missionaries in China were hampered by pressures from home, mistakes in leadership, and identification with the West, but they planted the seeds that would someday yield an astonishing harvest.

Daniel H. Bays

A Gallery of Missionaries

Some notable Christian workers in China.

the editors

The Billy Graham of China: John Sung (1901–1944)

Chinese evangelist John Sung was a man of tender conscience, constant self-examination, daily repentance, and unremitting pursuit of holiness.

G. Wright Doyle

Everything for the Lord; Watchman Nee (1901-1972)

Nee had a gift for calling people to a deeper spiritual life.

Yading Li

Worshiping Under the Communist Eye

The birth of an "official" Chinese church helped Christianity thrive in public under political constraints

Ryan Dunch

An Evangelical Patriot and Critic

Marcus Cheng (Chen Chonggui, 1884–1963)

Ryan Dunch

Religious freedom and Chinese law

A nebulous religious freedom

the editors

As for Me and My House

The house-church movement survived persecution and created a surge of Christian growth across China

Tony Lambert

No Compromise

Wang Mingdao tried to build an independent Chinese church

Christian History Timeline: China in the 20th Century

The golden age of Protestantism in China

the editors

Caught Between Rome and Beijing

Chinese Catholics have endured devastating division in the past century

Kim-Kwong Chan

To Every Tribe

Early missionaries laid the groundwork for mass movements to Christ among the minority peoples of China

Ralph Covell

Christianity Fever

Through a century of political turmoil and disillusionment, waves of Chinese intellectuals have come to Christ

Stacey Bieler and Carol Lee Hamrin

Prodigal Son

A third-generation Chinese Christian describes his journey from persecution to Communism to faith


The church in China: Recommended resources

Dig deeper into this issue’s theme.

the editors
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