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Christ Is Sufficient

A very present help—Psalm 46:1 (NASB). Covenant blessings are not meant to be looked at only, but to be appropriat...



Emperor Constantine the Great writes to his representative in North Africa, saying persecution of the Donatists (a Christian sect) must stop.

Authority for the date: Grant, Michael. Constantine the Great


Rothad, bishop of Soissons consecrates Hincmar as Archbishop of Rheims. Hincmar will spend his life in battles to hold his position and in clashes with clergymen and kings to keep the church free of corruption and tyranny—at which he will fail.

Authority for the date: Schaff, Philip. History of Christianity. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1910.


Death of Theodosius, a founder of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Kiev Caves). With Anthony of the Caves, he had introduced monasticism to Russia.

Authority for the date: Orthodox America.


Assassination of James Sharpe, Archbishop of St Andrew's, on Magus Moor. At one time a Presbyterian and Covenanter, he had joined the Church of England for the sake of advancement and had been made an archbishop. He had proceeded to brutally persecute his former brethren until at last, on this day, a band of Covenanters surround him and stab him to death to end his cruelty.

Authority for the date:


Death in Philadelphia of Anthony Benezet, a Quaker philanthropist and abolitionist.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Nineteen-year-old Andrew Bonar, who will later become an influential minister in the Free Church of Scotland, notes in his journal that he is still out of Christ.

Authority for the date: Boreham, F.W. A Handful of Stars.


Death of Elizabeth Hervey from dysentery before she could begin mission work in India.

Authority for the date: Robert, Dana Lee. American Women in Mission.


At twenty-one years of age, Uriah Smith begins fifty years of service at the Seventh-day Adventists’ Review and Herald. In addition to his editorial work, he will write books on prophecy, including the well-known Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation, and he will patent an artificial leg, having undergone an amputation as a child because of infection.

Authority for the date: Lest We Forget: Adventist Pioneer Library, Vol. 7 No. 1 (1997).


Death in New York City of Nathan Bangs, a Methodist minister and theologian, who had authored many books, including a massive history of Methodism in America. He had also been a successful Methodist publisher.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


Death in Winchester of William Whiting, master of Winchester College Choristers’ School. He had written the hymn “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” when one of his students sailed for America in 1860. Later writers added stanzas for submariners, airmen, and other branches of the military.

Authority for the date:


Five-thousand Dani tribe members in Irian Jaya (Western New Guinea) gather for a two-day pig feast to celebrate the completion and distribution of a Dani-language New Testament.

Authority for the date: Alliance Life (November 1989) 16f.

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