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Everything between is a parenthesis (1910)

He placed the cherubim and a flaming sword that turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life—Genesis 3:24...



Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, meets Emperor Constantine outside Constantinople. Constantine flies into a rage when someone accuses Athanasius of holding up grain shipments from Egypt.

Authority for the date: Gwatkin, Henry Melvill. Studies of Arianism. Cambridge: Deighton Bell and Co., 1900.


Power is redistributed between the church and the state in Denmark and Lutheranism becomes the official religion of the nation.

Authority for the date: Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg. Cambridge Modern History.


Death in Strasburg, Germany, of Jacob Sturm. He had been an ardent champion of Lutherans and had signed the protest presented to the Diet of Spires from which Protestants got their name.

Authority for the date: Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911.


 Philip Embury preaches the dedication service of the first Methodist chapel in America, a building he had helped erect with his own hands, located on John Street in New York City.

Authority for the date: Bangs, Nathan. A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


Christian poet and former slave Phillis Wheatley publishes a notice in the Evening Post and General Advisor of Boston requesting subscriptions for a new book of poems.

Authority for the date: Dobler, Lavinia and Toppin, Edgar A. Pioneers in Protest. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1965.


Baptist minister and escaped slave Nat Turner is captured and jailed in Jerusalem, Virginia.

Authority for the date: Christian History 62 (1999).


Consecration in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, of James Roosevelt Bayley to be the first Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Newark. He later became Archbishop of Baltimore.

Authority for the date:


William H. Miles professes a hope in Christ. He will become one of the early bishops of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.

Authority for the date: Phillips, C. H. The History of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America.


A Council of Protestant missionaries in Tokyo undertakes translation of the Old Testament into Japanese.

Authority for the date: Thomas, Winburn T. Protestant Beginnings in Japan.


Well-known Congregationalist minister and publisher Lyman Abbott delivers an address in New York at the funeral of economist Henry George, who had proposed that the economic rent of land should be shared by society rather than being owned privately.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


Leo XIII publishes Vigilantiae, an apostolic letter founding a commission of eminent men, whose duty it will be be to defend Scripture.

Authority for the date:


P.G. Vargis arrives in Katia, India, to begin gospel work among Hindus. No one will rent rooms to him because he is a Christian, a situation remedied only by prayer. His faith ministry results in a major indigenous mission work, The India Evangelical Team.

Authority for the date: Linder, God’s Special Agents


The body of Rev. Jerzy Popieluszko, abducted eleven days earlier by the Polish secret police, is found with marks of torture.

Authority for the date: Clifton, Daniel, ed. Chronicle of the Twentieth Century; The Ultimate Record of Our Times. Dorling Kindersley Publishi

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