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“I believe, with you, that the late Mr. Wilberforce was very earnest and sincere in his endeavours to promote the Abolition of the Slave Trade but neit...”

Sharp, Granville. Letter appended to “The System of Colonial Law Compared with the Eternal Laws of God and with the Indispensable Principles of the English Constitution.” London, 1807.


Be like Christ (1828)

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus—Philippians 2:5. By your trials and sufferings you are bei...



Death of St. Francis of Assisi, mystic and founder of the Franciscan order.

Authority for the date: “St. Francis of Assisi.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1909.


The remains of St. Clare of Assisi are transferred from the church of St. George in Assisi to the St. Chiara, specially built to receive her relics. Those who shift her corpse are awed to find that it is “incorrupt,” which they take as proof of her sanctity.

Authority for the date: Robinson, Paschal. “St. Clare of Assisi.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 19


Zwingli and Luther part at Marburg. Zwingli offers his hand, but Luther rejects it. The two had agreed on every issue except the theology of the Lord’s supper.

Authority for the date: Durant, Will and Ariel. The Reformation. (The Story of Civilization.)


Death of Robert Barclay, a Scot who systematized Quaker theology in his Apology for the True Christian Divinity. He argued that worship that lacks Christ's presence is a sham and that the Bible can only be understood if the Holy Spirit illuminates  a person from within. He had been imprisoned several times for his faith.

Authority for the date: Britannica.


The Treaty of Limerick is signed, making King William III of England the ruler of Ireland. The defenders of Limerick had fought so courageously that the treaty grants them the right to march out with honors and promises Catholics free exercise of their religion in Ireland.

Authority for the date:


Jean-Louis Anne Madelain Lefebvre de Cheverus settles in Boston, Massachusetts, where he will become the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boston. He will labor among Indians, learning their language, and work hard ministering to Catholics and victims of yellow fever.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


Death of James Cameron, Madagascar missionary.

Authority for the date: Hardyman, J.T. and L. Molet. “Cameron, James.” Dictionary of African Christian Biography. http://www.dacb.


The Union Church of Christ is organized in Japan.

Authority for the date: Thomas, Winburn Townshed. Protestant Beginnings in Japan. C.E. Tuttle Co., 1959.


Death of Daniel B. Towner, American music evangelist, who had worked with Dwight L. Moody and been head of the Music Department of Moody Bible Institute. He had composed more than 2,000 songs, including MOODY (“Marvelous Grace of Our Loving Lord”), CALVARY (“Years I Spent in Vanity and Pride”), and TRUST AND OBEY (“When We Walk with the Lord”).

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Death of Kuang Fuzhou, the first Chinese in the world raised to staff level in the Salvation Army.

Authority for the date: Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity.


Lutheran pastor Kjeldgaard Jensen in Gilleleje, Denmark, reads a letter from his nation’s bishops, instructing Danes to assist in the rescue of Jews from impending Nazi deportation to death camps. The bishops remind their flocks that Jesus was a Jew, that persecution violates the command to love one’s neighbor, and that it is contrary to Danish conceptions of justice. This will inspire the town to hide over 1,300 Jews and transport most of them to neutral Sweden.

Authority for the date: Russell, Martin. Beethoven's Hair. New York: Broadway Books, 2000.


Death of Orthodox deacon Ieronymos of Aegina. On account of his zealous, holy, and prayerful life he will be considered a candidate for formal sainthood.

Authority for the date:

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