Issue 53 William Wilberforce and the Century of Reform

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William Wilberforce and the Abolition of the Slave Trade: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about William Wilberforce and the Century of Reform.

Richard V. Pierard

From the Editor — Fishing for Compassion

if they didn’t solve every social problem, at least Wilberforce and fellow-reformers made life bearable for millions.

Mark Galli

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

An introduction to the turbulent 19th century.

the Editors

The “Shrimp” Who Stopped Slavery

The most malignant evil of the British Empire ceased largely because of the faith and persistence of William Wilberforce.

Christopher D. Hancock

A Profitable Little Business

The tragic economics of the slave trade.

Mark Galli

A Gallery of Aristocratic Activists

The Clapham Sect was one of the most elite and effective bands of Christian social reformers—ever.

Bruce Hindmarsh

A Long Reach

The Clapham Sect’s impact in India—and the world.

Bruce Hindmarsh

Christian History Timeline: William Wilberforce and the Abolition of the Slave Trade

The Christian History Timeline by Sarah Williams.

Sarah Williams

Greatness Upon Greatness

Lord Shaftesbury and William Gladstone, like Wilberforce, had Christ in their hearts and politics in their blood.

Kevin Charles Belmonte

Urban Renewal: Saving the Slums

Christian ministry in the “pestilent heathen byways” of the inner city.

Donald M. Lewis

Medical Care: The Lady of the Lamp

Whether on her feet or from her sickbed, Florence Nightingale worked to save lives.

Kelvin D. Crow

Education: Classrooms in Hell

The first Sunday schools were not for respectable and well-mannered children of believers.

Kelvin D. Crow

Civil Rights: Dismantling Discrimination

Key evangelicals who distrusted Catholics and Jews argued for their civil rights.

John Wolffe

Prison Reform: Brutality Behind Bars

Women’s prisons were hellish places before Elizabeth Fry started working there.

Danny Day

Child Labor: White Slavery

Children were perhaps the most mistreated people in England.

Penelope Carson

Interview — Christian Clout Then and Now

What 19th-century British reformers teach us about Christian social action today.

John Wolffe

William Wilberforce and the Abolition of the Slave Trade: Recommended Resources

More information on William Wilberforce & the Century of Reform.

the Editors
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