Issue 16 William Tyndale: God's Outlaw (Full-color reprint)

What's inside

William Tyndale: From the Publisher

Introduction to this William Tyndale issue.

the Editors

From the Archives: Dear Mr. More, . . .

Tyndale’s point-by-point response to Sir Thomas More.

William Tyndale

William Tyndale: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about William Tyndale and his times.

the Editors

A Man for All People: Introducing William Tyndale

A brief overview of the life of this man who, though trained in an esoteric view of religion, lived as a fugitive and died a martyr's death because he believed that God's truth was for all the people of England.

Dr. Tony Lane

The Church That Tyndale Fought

Corruption in the church has existed as long as there have been people in it.

the Editors

The Origin and Growth of the Bible in English

Successive versions were based upon earlier versions.

the Editors

William Tyndale: A Gallery of Characters in Tyndale’s Story

Who was who in William Tyndale's world.

the Editors

Tyndale’s Betrayal and Death

Tyndale’s Betrayal and Death

Brian H. Edwards

The Bible Translator Who Shook Henry VIII

What does it take to shake a king? Ask William Tyndale. Henry VIII was a very powerful king, but Tyndale shook him at least briefly—with a power even greater.

Dr. Donald Dean Smeeton

Where Did Tyndale Get His Theology?

During his own day the religious establishment branded him a heretic of the vilest sort but his views have now been adopted by a large cross-section of the church.

Donald Dean Smeeton

Christian History Timeline: William Tyndale

Chronology of events associated with William Tyndale.

the Editors

The Pen-and-Ink Wars, or Tyndale vs. More

Debate through the printing press.

John A. R. Dick

What Tyndale Owed Gutenberg

Without Gutenberg, Tyndale’s “revolution” would have been impossible.

Raymond A. LaJoie

Bible Translation Today

Following in Tyndale’s Extraordinary Footsteps

Richard K. Barnard

So Many Languages, So Few Translations

Sixty percent of world languages have no Bible translation at all.

the Editors

From the Archives: A Letter From Prison, in Tyndale’s Own Hand

Tyndale’s poignant prison letter.

William Tyndale

From the Archives: Dear King Henry, . . .

From Stephen Vaughan to the absolute monarch who was hunting Tyndale down.

Stephen Vaughan

From the Archives: A Dialogue on the Lord’s Prayer

Vintage Tyndale on the Lord’s Prayer.

William Tyndale

From the Archives: From The Obedience of a Christian Man

William Tyndale’s account of what it means to follow Christ.

William Tyndale

William Tyndale: Recommended Resources

Where to find more information about William Tyndale and his times.

the Editors
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