Issue 26 William & Catherine Booth

What's inside

William and Catherine Booth: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about the Booths and the Salvation Army.

John D. Waldron

From the Editor: Fashionable or Forceful?

Catherine Booth took exception to fashionable religion.

Kevin A. Miller

The Army Mother

With her bright mind and powerful speaking abilities, Catherine Booth emerged as one of the most influential women in modern religious history.

Norman H. Murdoch

The General

William Booth was born in economic and spiritual poverty, yet he founded a worldwide organization dedicated to their eradication.

Norman H. Murdoch

Sayings of William Booth

Wise and witty words from the founder of the Salvation Army.

William Booth

Sayings of Catherine Booth

Wise and witty words from the co-founder of the Salvation Army.

Catherine Booth

Pioneer in Female Ministry

Catherine Booth’s firm conviction that women should be free to preach the gospel forever shaped The Salvation Army’s openness to female officers.

Christine Parkin

Female Ministry

Excerpts from Catherine Booth’s landmark pamphlet.

Catherine Booth

The Army Under Siege

Early officers sometimes encountered brutal opposition.

Cyril Barnes

The Salvation Army: A Missionary Crusade

How a small, East London mission became one of the leading missionary organizations in the world.

E. H. McKinley

William Booth Finds His Destiny

“Darling, I have found my destiny!”

the Editors

The Booths’ American Mentors

Three revivalists from across the Atlantic profoundly influenced the Booths’ theology and mission.

John Coutts

William Booth’s Life

In His Own Words

William Booth

Christian History Timeline: William and Catherine Booth

Chronology of important events related to the Booths and the Salvation Army.

the Editors

William and Catherine Booth: A Gallery of the Booths’ Children

Their struggles and achievements

Norman H. Murdoch

William Booth’s Theology of Redemption

The General’s view of sanctification, the kingdom of God, and salvation moved his Army to action.

Roger J. Green

What Do Salvationists Believe?

Eleven articles of faith of the Salvation Army.

the Editors

The Story Behind Salvation Army Music

William Booth felt suspicious of organized music groups. Yet he launched a movement that became renowned worldwide for its bands and choirs.

Ronald W. Holz

Christian History Chronology: Major Events in Salvation Army Music

Milestones during the life of William Booth.

Ronald W. Holz

In Darkest England

Exactly one hundred years ago, William Booth published a dramatic, detailed plan for ending unemployment and overcoming poverty.

Norman H. Murdock

In Darkest England and the Way Out

Selections from William Booth’s bold proposal for eliminating poverty.

William Booth

Sources of Booth’s Reforming Ideas

Inspiring teachings behind Booth's ideas.

Norman H. Murdoch

Christmas Kettles

The history behind a Yuletide institution.

Mary Anne Jeffreys

Life in the Army Today

Contemporary officers continue the mission of William and Catherine Booth.

Nancy Kressler Murphy

William and Catherine Booth: Recommended Resources

The Booths, their children, and The Salvation Army have all received extensive study, so only a small portion of available works can be listed here.

the Editors

Christian History Sampler: History Behind the News

Ancient Assistance Against the New Age.

Douglas Groothuis

Christian History Sampler: Martin Luther on Marriage

The Reformer deeply influenced more than one institution.

Martin Luther
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