Issue 22 Waldensians: Ancient “Evangelicals” from the Italian Alps

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The Waldensians: From the Editor

The Waldensian motto: Into darkness, light.

the Editors

Remembered by Their Enemies

Most of what we know about the early Waldensians comes from the reports of those who wanted to accuse and eliminate them.

the Editors

A Prophet Without Honor

Waldo of Lyons

the Editors

An Ancient and Undying Light

The Waldensians from the 12th Century to the Protestant Reformation.

Dr. Giorgio Bouchard.

The Donation of Constantine

For centuries the Donation was accepted by all, giving the popes great political clout.

the Editors

The Pearl of Great Price

A Waldensian salesman would make allusion to more precious goods in his possession, to jewels of inestimable value

the Editors

The Renaissance of the Gospel

A brief sketch of the Italian Reformation.

Emidio Campi

A Time for Mourning, A Time for War

From the Reformation to the Glorious Return.

John Hobbins

1989 — The 300th Anniversary of the Glorious Return

The Glorious Return of the Waldenses.

Giorgio Tourn

The Covenant of Sibaud 1689

A Waldensian covenant.

the Editors

A Friend in the Lord Protector

Oliver Cromwell and the Effort to Save the Waldensians.

the Editors

Christian History Timeline: From Mountain Ghetto to Missionary Diaspora

Waldensians and the Modern Era.

Giorgio Bouchard

Felix Neff

Apostle of Alpine Awakening.

Giorgio Tourn

From Snow-Covered Peaks to Tropical Forests

Waldensians in Uruguay and Argentina.

the Editors

To A Home in the Land of the Free

The Waldensians in North America.

Giuseppe Platene

From the Archives: Waldensian Legend Concerning the Donation of Constantine to Pope Sylvester (date unknown)

This early document tells in a remarkable and fanciful form the Waldensian story of how the Church had come to compromise with the world. Though The Poor were not around until the 12th century, mention is here made of their presence in the 4th century. They could, however, claim solidarity with ancient Christians who rejected worldly wealth and power.

A Letter From the Poor Lombards to the Poor of Lyons Who Are in Germany (1218)

This letter was sent from Lombardy to Lyons to express the outcome of an early meeting, which was held in Bergamo, Italy, between members of two separate Waldensian groups. Though the two groups differed in their approaches to the life of The Poor, the outcome of the meeting was a “new sense of unity.”

the Editors

From the Archives: A Barba of San Martino (1451)

This is an excerpt from a written account of the heresy trial of Filippo Regis. Waldensians were routinely questioned about their knowledge of the elusive barba—the itinerant Waldensian spiritual leaders. Such accounts are often distorted: it is unlikely a barba would have taught to deny the virgin birth, or to deny that “the sons” could perform miracles.

the Editors

From the Archives: La Nobla Leyczon (The Noble Lesson)

A 15th-century Waldensian poem


From A Calabrian Prison (1560)

An excerpt from a letter of Waldensian pastor Giovan Paschale, who was hanged in Rome in 1560.

Giovan Paschale

From the Archives: Subjects Discussed at the Meeting at Angrogna

The Confession of Chanforan, 1532


The Waldensians: Recommended Resources

Additional resources for those interested in learning more about the Waldenses.

the Editors
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