Issue 73 Thomas Aquinas

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Thomas Aquinas: Did You Know?

Interesting and unusual fact about Thomas Aquinas.

the Editors

From the Editor: The Eminent Obscure

How accounting, Aristotle, and the first teachers’ unions transformed higher education.

Elesha Coffman

The Dazzling ’dumb Ox’

His family thought he was throwing his life away. His classmates thought he was stupid. They didn’t understand.

Ralph McInerny

Left Behind

A life of fabulous privilege lost its grip on Thomas.

Robert Payne

I Can Write No More

Why did Thomas suddenly cut short his career? One famous author has a guess.

G.K. Chesterton

The Summa and Its Parts

Taken as a whole, the Summa Theologica overwhelms most readers. So take one bite at a time.

Peter Kreeft

A Taste of Thomas

With systematic seriousness, the doctor answers a key question of faith: If God predestines, why should we pray?

Thomas Acquinas

Devoutly I Adore Thee

A poem from a theologian’s pen.

Thomas Aquinas

Medieval U.

How accounting, Aristotle, and the first teachers’ unions transformed higher education.

Matt Donnelly

Life on Campus

Not all medieval students were monks, but all observed a regimented lifestyle.

Matt Donnelly

How You Should Study

In a letter, Thomas shares his tips for academic success.

Thomas Acquinas

Good Habits

Benedictines, Franciscans, and Dominicans all sought to live by high ideals, but only one order matched Thomas’s love for both spirituality and intellect.

Steven Gertz

Christian History Timeline: Thomas Aquinas—Storms of the Thirteenth Century

Chronology of key events associated with the life of Thomas Aquinas.

the Editors

Theology on the Edge

When competing ideologies had fragmented Christian thought, Thomas forged a solution.

J. David Lawrence

Aquinas for President?

His views on government, law, and economics would shake the system.

David Lawrence and Elesha Coffman

Thomas Aquinas: A Gallery of Scholastic Superstars

The white heat produced by these great minds lit up the High Middle Ages.

Stephen E. Lahey

A Mingling of Minds

Why was one of Christianity’s best thinkers so ready to learn from a Muslim and a Jew?

David B. Burrell

From Interfaith Dialogue to Apologetics

Thomas respected Muslims’ knowledge of philosophy, but their misconceptions about Christianity concerned him deeply.

Thomas Acquinas

Popes, Philosophers, and Peeping Thomists

Whenever it seems that Aquinas might recede into dusty memory, a new wave of truth-seekers brings him back.

Thomas S. Hibbs

Thomas Aquinas: Christian History Interview — He’s Our Man

Evangelicals can embrace a rich inheritance from Aquinas.

conversation with Norman Geisler

Thomas Aquinas: Recommended Resources

Additional resources on Thomas Aquinas and his thought.

the Editors
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