Issue 69 The Wesleys: Charles and John (Full-color Reprint)

What's inside

A Tale of Two Brothers

Like many siblings, John and Charles Wesley often clashed— and the Methodist movement profited.

Richard P. Heitzenrater

The Wesleys: Did You Know?

Interesting and unusual facts about John and Charles Wesley.

Elesha Coffman

The Wesleys: From the Editors — Innovating with the Flow

Though the Wesleys are known as evangelical pioneers, the momentum for the movement they founded had been building long before they arrived.

Elesha Coffman

Wesleys in America

What went wrong?

Kenneth O. Brown

Like Mother, Like Son

John Wesley’s parents, especially his mother, profoundly influenced his character and career.

Charles Wallace, Jr.

Family Ghost?

Were disgruntled parishioners responsible for the apparitions?

the editors

Attack of the Bible-Moths

From the way Oxford scorned the Holy Club, you would think the Wesleys had created a monster.

Elesha Coffman

The Matchmakers

When the Wesley brothers agreed to help each other find wives, they never guessed their deal would lead to disaster.

Janine Petry

Christian History Timeline: The Wesleys

Chronology of key events in the lives of the Wesleys and their movement.

the Editors

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Church

Though Methodism thrived on big crowds, its survival depended on the discipline of small groups.

Charles Edward White

Be Ye Perfect?

The evolution of John Wesley’s most contentious doctrine.

Randy L. Maddox

Two Views on Perfection

John and Charles disagreed on the measure of holiness a Christian might expect on earth, but both longed for it. From Christian Perfection (Sermon 40)

John Wesley

Start the Presses

No Protestant leader in the eighteenth century made better use of print media than John Wesley.

Charles Yrigoyen, Jr.

The Wesleys: A Gallery — The Leadership Team

These early converts supported, strengthened, and spread the Methodist movement—whether John Wesley agreed with them or not.

Charles W. Christian and others

Two Hymns of Aspiration

Charle's hymns showed his longing for perfection

Charles Wesley

The Wesleys: Christian History Interview — Weeds in the Garden

The Methodist pursuit of holiness has, over 200 years, branched off in some startling directions. A conversation with Tom Oden.

The Editors and Tom Oden

The Wesleys: Recommended Resources

Resources for further study of the Wesleys and of Methodism.

the Editors
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