Issue 55 The Monkey Trial & the Rise of Fundamentalism

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The Monkey Trial and the Rise of Fundamentalism: Did You Know? — The Frenzied Twenties

The tumultuous culture in which American churches waged their religious war.

the Editors

The Monkey Trial and the Rise of Fundamentalism: From the Editor — A Movement to Make One Mad

The fundamentalist complaint about liberal rationalism is ironically also a fair critique of fundamentalism.

Mark Galli

The Monkey Trial

The first trial of the century revealed a great divide separating American Christians.

David Goetz

Prayer Debate

Who could pray at the trial?

David Goetz

Bizarre Meaning

Eccentric aspects of this first media trial.

the Editors

Darrow Takes the Stand

Bryan cross-examines his adversary.

The Press Weighs In

Condensed editorials from the summer of 1925 show a nation at odds.

the Editors

User-Friendly Faith

What liberals believed—and why fundamentalists made such a fuss.

Harold Carl

Right Jabs and Left Hooks

All fundamentalists fought with modernists but not for the same reasons or in the same way.

D.G. Hart

A Gallery of Militants, Moderates, & Millionaires

It’s pretty hard to stereotype early fundamentalist leaders.

Kelvin Crow

Fundamentalist Internet

The people, conferences, and organizations that made up the fundamentalist family.

Bob Jones IV

Relevant Morality

Modernism’s most popular preacher on the hopes of liberals.

Harry Emerson Fosdick

A Return to Bondage

Fundamentalism’s most gifted theologian critiques liberalism.

J. Gresham Machen

An Army of Conservative Women

Women played a surprisingly prominent role in early fundamentalism.

Mary Ann Jeffreys

Enraptured with Order

How fundamentalists strove mightily to make sense of history.

the Editors

Interview — Spurring on Secularism

The leading historian of fundamentalism assesses the damages inflicted by the fundamentalist-modernist controversy.

George Marsden

Interview — Here We Stand

A fundamentalist historian answers the critics of fundamentalism.

Mark Sidwell

The Monkey Trial and the Rise of Fundamentalism: Recommended Resources

Resources for further study of fundamentalism and the Scopes trial.

Mark Galli
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