Issue 96 Hunger for Secret Knowledge: The Gnostics

What's inside

The Da Vinci Code, Corrected

Why the lost gospels were really lost.

Craig Keener

Gnostics: Did You Know?

Interesting and little-known facts about the Gnostics

Jennifer Trafton and Rebecca Colossanov

It Only Takes a Spark (to keep a heresy going)

Ancient heresies are alive and well in modern culture

Jennifer Trafton

Defining the Faith

Gnosticism emerged during a time when Christians faced an identity crisis

Everett Ferguson

In the Know

The Gnostics believed that knowledge is the key to salvation--for a select few

David M. Scholer

The Secret is Out

The discovery of the Nag Hammadi collection brought ancient Gnostic writings to light

David M. Scholer

The gnostic christ

Gnostic teachings about Christ in their own words

Various gnostic sources

One God, One Christ, One Salvation

Irenaeus the "peacemaker" was the early church's best warrior against Gnostic heresy

D. Jeffrey Bingham

Gnosticism Unmasked

The label "Gnosticism" is a fuzzy one, describing diverse sects and ideas in the ancient world

D. Jeffrey Bingham

The Earliest Mere Christianity

Before creeds, even before an official New Testament, there was the Rule of Faith

D. H. Williams

The Unfolding Faith

A bird’s eye view of the early church, the emergence of the Gnostics, and the development of the biblical canon.

Michael Holmes and Nicholas Perrin

Third-century church fathers and gnosticism

Church fathers repudiated gnostic ideas

Tertullian, Novatian, and others

No Other Gospel

Despite the appearance of Gnostic "gospels," the early church decided that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were without rival

Nicholas Perrin

The Dating Game

How we date gnostic and biblical manuscripts

Nicholas Perrin

Taught by the Apostles

What is the truth about Jesus? Ask those who knew his earliest followers, said Irenaeus

Fr. John Behr

The Heresy that Wouldn’t Die

Though Gnostic sects faded in the early church, Gnostic ideas have had a long shelf life

Philip Jenkins

Gnosticism, hunger for secret knowledge: Recommended reading

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the editors

Roots Matter

Defending the faith in today's cultural climate means not only knowing our Bible but also knowing our history

Darrell L. Bock
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