Issue 67 Augustine: Sinner, Bishop, Saint

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Augustine & the Battle for Orthodoxy: Did You Know?

Misinterpreted for centuries, this painting now sheds light on Augustine and his remarkable life.

Elesha Coffman

Augustine & the Battle for Orthodoxy: From the Editor — A Giant—But A Man

Augustine is both more extraordinary and more human than the legend.

Mark Galli

The Dark Heart Filled With Light

Augustine’s early years reveal an intense, proud, and sensual man who yearned to know truth.

Robert Payne

Book Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

To show how greatly God has changed him, Augustine tells all. What a fifth-century critic might have said.

David F. Wright

The Bishop at Work

Augustine saw himself not as a saint, but as a pastor with a job to do.

Bruce L. Shelley

A Tale of Two Cities

It’s a shame about Rome, but wait—there’s more! What a fifth-century critic might have said.

Martin A. Marty

Christian History Timeline: Augustine & the Battle for Orthodoxy

Chronology of key events in the life of Augustine.

the Editors

Fighting Words

Forged in the heat of theological battle, Augustine’s five most distinctive teachings remain controversial.

Roger E. Olson


A few monks—and eventually most of the church—found both Augustine and Pelagius a little too extreme.

David Allen

Augustine & the Battle for Orthodoxy: A Gallery of Influential Antagonists

Augustine’s life and ministry were shaped by his encounters with these intellectual adversaries.

J. Stepehn Lang

What Would Augustine Say?

The fifth-century theologian answers five crucial twenty-first-century questions.

Jay Wood

Augustine & the Battle for Orthodoxy: Recommended Resources

Resources to learn more about Augustine.

Elesha Coffman
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