Issue 14 Money in Christian History

What's inside

Money and Ministry

What does it say about the church when it accumulates wealth?

the Editors

Money in Christian History: From the Publisher

Introduction to this article on money.

the Editors

Quick Quotes on Money

Memorable sayings and quips about money.

the Editors

Money and the Bible

A Survey of the History of Biblical Interpretation on money and wealth.

John R. Muether

A Gallery of Church Fathers

What did the early leaders of Christianity think about money's role in their lives? Here's a sampling of opinions from the church fathers.


Clement of Alexandria: What Kind of Rich Person Can Be Saved?

A Paraphrase of Quis Dives Salvandus

Charles Edward White

St. Francis of Assisi on the Joy of Poverty and the Value of Dung

For Francis, leaving the world meant caring for lepers and praying in deserted chapels.

Dan Runyon

The Saint from Assisi

Francis of Assisi and wealth.

the Editors

Francis and the Waldensians

Was Francis of Assisi secretly a Waldensian?

Joyce Renick

Luther on the Use of Money

The Reformation overturned the late medieval world, including its views of money.

Carter Lindberg

Selling Forgiveness: How Money Sparked the Protestant Reformation

A traveling indulgence show had repercussions no one expected.

Randy Petersen

The Protestant Ethic of Prosperity

Is it a contradiction in terms for a Christian to be rich?

Virgil Hartgerink

From the Archives: Grace and Blessing

John Chrysostom on the duties of rich Christians to care for the poor.

John Chrysostom

From the Archives: Selling and Lending

Aquinas weighs in on economic activity.

Thomas Aquinas

From the Archives: Using the Present Life

Calvin warned of two dangers: extravagance and asceticism.

John Calvin

From the Archives: The Community of Saints

Stadler’s theory of community.

Ulrich Stadler

From the Archives: Instructions to Young Converts

Finney’s concern for his converts extended to their use of money.

Charles G. Finney

From the Archives: The Saint’s Everlasting Rest

How the “worldly-minded” pursue material possessions rather than God.

Richard Baxter

From the Archives: The Life of Trust

Without direct appeals for funds, George Müller cared for thousands of orphans.

George Müller

Modern Voices: The Christian and Money

Everybody’s talking about money but few agree. What are they saying, and why?

Randy Petersen

Missions Movement: War-Time Lifestyle

The antidote for affluence is reconsecration.

Ralph D. Winter

Neo Conservative: The Creation of Wealth

What is the alternative to free enterprise?

Brian Griffiths.

Theonomy on Debt

Does debt rest on covetousness?

R. J. Rushdoony
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