Issue 34 Martin Luther: The Early Years

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Martin Luther’s Early Years: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther’s early years.

Herbert K. Jacobsen

From the Editor: Dwarfed By a Giant

With Luther, there’s little danger of overdoing his significance.

Kevin A. Miller

The Accidental Revolutionary

In his quest for spiritual peace, Luther had no idea he’d leave his world in turmoil.

Dr. James M. Kittelson

The Parents Luther Feared Disgracing

Were they caring and firm—or so harsh they drove him to rebel against every authority in his life?

Paul Thigpen

What Was Luther’s World Like?

The boy grew up in exciting, harsh, and violent times.

James M. Kittelson

The Breakthrough

When, where, and how did Luther make his astounding discovery of justification by faith?

James M. Kittelson

Protestants’ Most-Famous Document

What did Luther actually say in the 95 Theses?

the Editors

The Decisive Documents of 1520

After Luther published these three works, there was no turning back.

the Editors

Colorful Sayings of Colorful Luther

A sample of the reformer’s wit and wisdom.

Mary Ann Jeffreys

Martin Luther’s Early Years: Christian History Timeline

Chronology of events related to Luther's life and the Reformation.

Ken Schurb

Preaching From the Print Shop

If Luther hadn’t used the new printing technology, would there have been a Reformation?

Perry Brown

Profit-Hungry Printers

Luther suffered from them, too.

Perry Brown

The Bible Translation That Rocked the World

Luther’s Bible introduced mass media, unified a nation, and set the standard for future translations.

Henry Zecher

The Political Luther

The reformer revolutionized more than people’s views on the church.

Lewis W. Spitz

Luther’s Political Nemesis

Who said, “A single friar who goes counter to all Christianity for a thousand years must be wrong.”

Paul Thigpen

Luther’s Political Allies

Some key names on Luther’s side.

Paul Thigpen

Fool in Rome

As a young monk, Luther longed to see Rome. But his 1510 trip to the Holy City filled him with pain and doubt.

Heiko A. Oberman

Legends About Luther

Which are true? Which are not?

Scott A. Hendrix

Martin Luther’s Early Years: Recommended Resources

More resources about Luther and his times.

George S. Robbert
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