Issue 77 Jonathan Edwards

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Jonathan Edwards: Did You Know?

Interesting and unusual facts about Jonathan Edwards

Steven Gertz and Chris Armstrong

Jonathan Edwards: From the Editor — Papa Edwards

One of the two top contenders for the title “Evangelical Patriarch” is Jonathan Edwards.

Chris Armstrong

A Modern Puritan

Edwards bestowed the riches of Puritanism on a world shaped by the Enlightenment.

the Editors

A Mind on Fire

Throughtout his eventful life, America’s theologian was driven by a vision of the beauty in God’s sovereignty.

Stephen R. Holmes

Devoted Disciplinarian

Pastor Edwards spared neither loving care nor the rod.

Richard A. Bailey

The Trouble with George

Edwards worried that the strong emotions raised by George Whitefield’s preaching would produce not steady Christians by religious hypocrites.

Chris Armstrong

Jonathan Edwards: A Gallery — The Mind Shapers

Edwards modeled himself as theologian, philosopher, and pastor after outstanding figures in each field.

Stephen J. Nichols

Those Exceptional Edwards Women

Jonathan spent his life surrounded by beautiful women, and it showed.

Heidi L. Nichols

Christian History Timeline: Jonathan Edwards — Passing the Torch

The claimers and reclaimers of Jonathan Edwards.

Mark Noll

Archive: Pilgrim’s Paradise

Heaven’s bliss was among Edwards’s favorite preaching themes.

Testing the Spirits

The heart stirring revivalism of the Great Awakening led Edwards to develop a new religious psychology.

David W. Kling

The Book of James

The famed William James drew on Edwards’s psychology but not his theology.

David W. Kling

Language of Ecstasy

Edwards’s interest in religious psychology arose from his own almost mystical encounters with God.

David W. Kling

The Northampton Eviction

When a pastor’s irresistible ideals met his congregation’s immovable status-consciousness.

Allen Guelzo

Holy Pagans

Could a person be saved without knowing Christ? Among the Indians, Edwards began to wonder.

Gerald R. McDermott

Thunderstorms & Flying Spiders

Edwards saw the exuberant goodness of the Creater in every detail of nature.

Stephen J. Nichols

Expect Joy!

Edwards found the Christian life sweet and said so often.

Douglas A. Sweeney

Jonathan Edwards: Christian History Interview — On His Own Terms

Jonathan Edwards has much to say to us today, if we can get past his peculiar accent.

George Marsden

Jonathan Edwards: Recommended Resources

More resources by and about Jonathan Edwards.

Chris Armstrong
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