Issue 3 John Wycliffe and 600th Anniversary of Translation of the Bible into English (Full-color reprint)

What's inside

John Wycliffe: From the Publisher

A few opening thoughts about this John Wycliffe issue.

the Editors

John Wycliffe: Did You Know?

Intriguing facts about John Wycliffe and his times.

the Editors

Wycliffe’s England: A Time of Turmoil

England was in a time of transition during Wycliffe's lifetime.

the Editors

John Wycliffe and the Dawn of the Reformation

Biographical feature traces the key events and turning points in Wycliffe’s incredibly diverse life.

Dr. Donald L. Roberts

A Gallery of Wycliffe’s Defenders, Friends and Foes

Who was who in Wycliffe’s world.

the Editors

Archives: Five Bulls of Pope Gregory XI Against Wycliffe

Pope Gregory XI condemned Wycliffe five times.

Pope Gregory XI

From the Archives: A Short Rule of Life for Priests, Lords, and Laborers

The three “estates of the realm ” in medieval England were the priest, the knight, and the laborer. In a tract, written in English, John Wycliffe addressed all three.

John Wycliffe

Archives: Wycliffe Causes Controversy Over Eucharist

Wycliffe rejected one common understanding of the Eucharist.

John Wycliffe

In the Year of Death, Wycliffe Wrote to Pope Urban VI

A letter from the archives.

John Wycliffe

Why Wycliffe Translated the Bible Into English

Wycliffe’s own explanation of why he translated the Bible into early English.

John Wycliffe

Bible Translation Since John Wycliffe

Wycliffe’s Bible was only a beginning.

George M. Cowan

John Wycliffe: Recommended Resources

Some titles to help you research Wycliffe and his times.

the Editors

The Parson

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has a parson drawn from Wycliffe’s Lollards.

Geoffrey Chaucer
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