Issue 2 John Wesley: Revival and Revolution

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Revival and Revolution: From the Publisher

About Christian History and its John Wesley issue.

the Editors

John Wesley: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about John Wesley and the Methodist movement.

the Editors

Wesley’s Rule for Christian Living

A principle to live by.

John Wesley

Revival and Revolution

England and Ireland in John Wesley’s days.

editors of Christian History

Wesley: A Gallery of Family, Friends and Foes

Who was who in Wesley’s circle.

the Editors

Tapping the Riches

Wesley set out to renew the church he loved and he was prepared to employ any appropriate material from the whole history of Christianity to do it.

Dr. Charles Yrigoyen, Jr.

Wesley’s Gift for Organization

Secrets of the Wesley organization.

the Editors

Finding the Forgotten

How Methodism uplifted the downtrodden.

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The Holy Club

Wesley and his Oxford friends formed a club to further their faith objectives.

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Wesley’s Sermon Reprints: The Almost Christian

Some who think they are Christians may not be. Acts 26:28

John Wesley

Christian History Timeline: John Wesley and the 18th Century World

One hundred years of turmoil, change, and innovation that laid a foundation for our own day.

the Editors

Wesley’s Sermon Reprints: The Use of Money

A sermon on Luke 16:9.

John Wesley

John Wesley and Women

Wesley and the opposite sex.

the Editors


To his contemporaries, enthusiasm was a dread disease. Wesley spelled out the right and wrong sorts.

the Editors

Wesley to Wilberforce

John Wesley's last letter from his deathbed.

John Wesley

John Wesley: From the Journal

In the previous edition of Christian History we printed excerpts from John Wesley’s Journal describing key moments in his spiritual growth and discovery. A large reader response to this particular article prompts us to include here further comments from the Journal wherein Wesley summarizes his early spiritual journey, concluding with his conversion.

John Wesley

Fruits of Breaking Wesley’s Code

Wesley kept personal diaries written in a secret code.

the Editors

A Whimsical Epitaph

Taken from “Tales of a Wesleyana Collector” by Frederick F. Maser

Frederick F. Maser

A Joyful Sound

For good reason Charles Wesley was known as the “Poet of the Evangelical Revival.”

the Editors

John Wesley: Recommended Resources

Learn more about the Wesleys and the Methodist movement.

the Editors
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