Issue 46 John Knox: The Thundering Scot

What's inside

John Knox: Did You Know?

Little-known and remarkable facts about John Knox’s life and times.

Kevin Dale Miller

From the Editor — The Hard-To-Like Knox

Knox could be arrogant, proud, stubborn, and cantankerous.

Mark Galli

Preacher of Revolution

John Knox provoked rulers, incited riots, and inspired a reformation in Scotland.

R. Tudur Jones

Murder comes to the Archbishop

The Scottish Reformation began with the assassination of the highest church official in the land – Cardinal David Beaton, archbishop of St. Andrews. It was an act of revenge for Beaton’s execution of George Wishart. Here is one historian’s crisp description.

Stewart Lamont

Life as a Galley Slave

Because of his beliefs, Knox suffered this punishment for 19 months. What was it like?

Stewart Lamont

The Prophet Pleads Guilty

The fiery reformer was keenly aware of his own shortcomings.

John Knox

Knox’s Shocking Politics

Knox believed Christians should rebel against “idolatrous” governments. Why?

Richard G. Kyle

Christian History Timeline: John Knox and the Scottish Reformation—Journeying with John Knox

A chronology of events related to John Knox and the Scottish Reformation.

Roger Mason

Demanding Faith

The Scots Confession is not for the faint of heart.

Ian Hazlett

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Christian History Map Room — Centers of Ferment

Key cities for Knox and the Scottish Reformation.

the Editors

The First Scandal

How church discipline was handled in Reformed Scotland.

Jasper Ridley

Worship Before and After

How the reformers radically changed Christian worship in Scotland.

James Kirk

Sunday in Reformed Scotland

Protestant services were lean and (to some) mean.

the Editors

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: A Gallery of Martyrs and Architects

The Scottish Reformation needed both—here are five who helped it succeed.

J. Stephen Lang

Knox’s Curious Attitude Toward Women

Did Knox despise or admire the fairer sex? It depends.

Robert Healey

The Delight of a Woman’s Company

Knox writes to Elizabeth Bowes.

John Knox

The Folly of Women’s Leadership

Should the foolish, mad, and frenetic govern the discreet?

John Knox

Life Shall Devour Death

Scotland’s great Reformation preacher comforts a troubled congregation.

John Knox

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Christian History Interview — Prophet Without Honor?

Why many are tempted to disown Knox, and why we shouldn’t.

David F. Wright

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Recommended Resources

More resources about John Knox and the Scottish Reformation.

Iain Torrance

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: History in the Making — It Seemed So Innocent and Good

Many Christians unknowingly helped build the first atomic bomb.

Richard Pierard
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