Issue 44 John Chrysostom

What's inside

John Chrysostom: Did You Know?

Little-known and remarkable facts about John Chrysostom.

Kevin Dale Miller

John Chrysostom: From the Editor — Admiring the Fire

At the center of Chrysostom's being is a dynamic and courageous faith.

Mark Galli

Golden Tongue & Iron Will

His fearless eloquence won him the title “golden mouth” but also got him exiles.

Robert A. Krupp

Preaching to Dread and Panic

When a mob got out of hand, imperial retribution loomed.

Robert Payne

John Chrysostom: A Gallery of Politicos, Pagans, and the Pious

Who was who in Chrysostom's world.

John O. Gooch

Christian History Timeline: John Chrysostom

Chronology of key events related to the life of John Chrysostom.

Gerard H. Ettlinger

The Genius of Chrysostom’s Preaching

People loved to hear Chrysostom preach, and since his death, to read his sermons.

Carl A. Volz

Cured by the Master of Angels

A Sermon on the healing of the paralytic.

John Chrysostom

Letters from a Lonely Exile

Exiled to Cucusus, John wrote letters to his congregation.

Christopher A. Hall

Culture Wars

A lifelong defense of the church.

Margaret Schatkin

John Chrysostom: Christian History Interview — More Than a Great Preacher

The liturgy celebrated nearly every week is attributed to St. John Chrysostom.

Bishop Kallistos Ware

Adoring the Ineffable

An excerpt from the liturgy Chrysostom is said to have written.

John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom: Recommended Resources

More resources for research into John Chrysostom.

Robert L. Wilken
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