Issue 12 John Calvin (Full-Color Reprint)

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The Life and Times of John Calvin

As Shakespeare wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” John Calvin was certainly not born great.

Dr. T.H.L. Parker

Adored . . . Abhorred

What did people think of Calvin?

the Editors

John Calvin: From the Publisher

Let Calvin be Calvin.

the Editors

John Calvin: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about Calvin and his times.

the Editors

Pastor of Geneva

Calvin was above all a pastor.

Olivier Fatio

Idelette: John Calvin’s Search for the Right Wife

You don’t look to the life of John Calvin for humor, but Calvin’s quest for a wife would make grist for a twentieth-century situation comedy.

William J. Petersen

Christian History Timeline: John Calvin

Chronology of key events associated with the life of Calvin.

the Editors

John Calvin: A Gallery of Calvin’s Supporters and Opponents

Who was who in Calvin's world.

the Editors

The Principle Practice of Faith

How Prayer Was Calvin’s Key to Living Well.

Dr. Raymond K. Anderson

Calvin and Missions

Under Calvin’s influence Geneva became the hub of a vast missionary enterprise.

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It Was Both A Horrible Decree and Very Sweet Fruit

Calvin on Predestination.

Frank James III


The meaning of the mnenomic device TULIP.

the Editors

John Calvin: One of the Fathers of Modern Democracy

Calvin’s theology and the political order in Geneva inspired movements to democracy.

W. Stanford Reid

The Servetus Affair

A tragic event during Calvin’s tenure in Geneva.

the Editors

From the Archives: To the Five Prisoners of Lyons

What did Calvin have to say to five colleagues facing execution?

John Calvin

From the Archives: Calvin the Reluctant Recruit

Resolved to remain obscure, Calvin could not stand his ground with William Farel.

John Calvin

From the Archives: Living as Christians

Calvin’s theology of grace and sanctification.

John Calvin

From the Archives: To Luther

Full text of a letter Calvin sent to Martin Luther.

John Calvin

From the Archives: Selections from Confessions of Faith

Selections From Confession of Faith which all the citizens and inhabitants of Geneva and the subjects of the country must promise to keep and hold.

Council of Geneva

From the Archives: The Gratuitous Love of God

He who is his only Son by nature, makes many sons by grace and adoption.

John Calvin

From the Archives: On the Advantages of an Inventory of Relics

What got Calvin riled enough to indulge in biting satire?

John Calvin

John Calvin: Recommended Resources

Some resources for further study of Calvin.

the Editors
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