Issue 68 Jan Hus: The Incendiary Preacher of Prague

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Jan Hus: Did You Know?

Interesting and unusual facts about Jan Hus and his followers.

Elesha Coffman

Jan Hus: From the Editors — Accidental Radical

Hus appeared before the world was ready for him.

Elesha Coffman

To Build a Fire

Jan Hus hoped his incendiary preaching and heated rebukes would purify a tainted church, but the flames consumed him first.

Thomas A. Fudge

Jan Hus: A Gallery of Foes in High Places

As reformation divided Bohemia, it turned some of Hus’s most influential allies against him.

Maartje M. Abbenhuis

A Plethora of Pontiffs

With two popes, then three, vying for power, more was at stake in Constance than Jan Hus.

Peter E. Prosser

Christian History Timeline: Jan Hus—Reform and Resistance in Hussite Bohemia

Chronology of key events related to Hus and the Hussites.

the Editors

The Wanderer

Jerome of Prague’s zest for life was surpassed only by his zeal for reform.

Frieda Looser

A Pastor’s Heart

Even in the midst of his campaign for reform, Hus never forgot the faithful flock back home.

Bruce L. Shelley

Jan Hus: Christian History Archive — Faith Formed in Love

In De Ecclesia (The Church) Hus encourages Christians to trust God but question the Church.

Jan Hus

The Reformation Connection

Hus held some of the same ideas as Wyclif and Luther, yet they were not all of one mind.

Timothy George

Rebels to Be Reckoned With

The most powerful empire in Europe was no match for a peasant army led by a blind man.

Elesha Coffman

Jan Hus: Christian History Interview — To Live in Truth

The integrity for which Hus died lives on among Czech Christians.

conversation with Jan Milic Lochman

Jan Hus: Recommended Resources

Resources for further study of Jan Hus and the Hussites.

the Editors
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