Issue 72 How We Got Our History

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Eusebius’s Ancestors

First-century rivals for the title Father of Church History.

Elesha Coffman

The History of Recorded History: Did You Know?

Interesting facts about the history of recorded history.

the Editors

History — Behind the Scenes: From the Editor

With history, as with rumors and recommendations, it’s crucial to consider the source.

Elesha Coffman

The Problem of Eusebius

His work became the foundation for centuries of Christian scholarship. Was that foundation firm or hopelessly flawed?

Everett Ferguson

What a Difference a Reign Makes

Eusebius traces the Christian saga: from abuse to esteem in less than a decade.


In God’s Country

Those who believe that God rewards righteous nations have Orosius to admire and Augustine to dispute.

Elesha Coffman

When God Came to England

In Bede’s view, the history of the English church—like the history of redemption—begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation.

Frank A. James III

Oswald and Aidan

How an English king and a Scottish bishop teamed up to spread the gospel.


Wide Angles and Zoom Lenses

Medieval chronicles showed Christians their place in God’s world, from Creation to the end.

James D. Smith III

Great Lessons From Bad History

Hagiography may not be factual biography, but it captures the practices and ideals of pre-modern Christianity perfectly.

Thomas Head

Maggie, the Dragon Slayer?

Sometimes even hagiographers wondered if their stories were too good to be true.

Elesha Coffman

The Best of History

Selected recommendations by our editorial advisors.

the Editors

Church History’s Biggest Hoax

Renaissance scholarship proved fatal for one of the medieval papacy’s favorite claims.

Peter E. Prosser

Battle For the Past

As traditions clashed during the Reformation, history became hotly disputed territory.

Timothy George

Model Martyrs

A feisty English Protestant and a meek Dutch Anabaptist take their faith to the flames.

William Flower, 1555

Modern Pioneers: Philip Schaff

Father of American church history

Stephen R. Graham

Modern Pioneers: Kenneth Scott Latourette

Historian of six-continent Christianity.

Andrew F. Walls

Modern Pioneers: Christopher Dawson

Champion of Christian culture.

Caroline T. Marshall

Modern Pioneers: Herbert Butterfield

Scientific and Christian

C.T. McIntire

How Could You Forget . . .

More notable names from the field’s recent past.

the Editors

The Link: Christian History Today

Combining Christian convictions and scholarly conventions, two historians create very different blends.

the Editors
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