Issue 9 Heritage of Freedom: Dissenters, Reformers, and Pioneers

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Into the Desert: the First Monks

A brief history of pioneering monastics

the Editor of <em>Christian History</em>

Christians against Nazis: the German Confessing Church

Hitler demanded control of the Lutheran and Catholic churches to which almost every German belonged.

Leonore Siegele-Wenschkewitz

Worldwide renewal: the charismatic movement

The charismatic renewal sprang up from the grassroots in a wide variety of forms.

Charles E. Hummel

New Dawn in East Africa: the East African revival

“There can be nothing to stop a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Rwanda now except our own lack of sanctification.”

Michael Harper

Heritage of Freedom: Introduction

Introduction to the Heritage of Freedom issue.

the Editors

Enthusiasm in Asia: the New Prophecy

The effect of Montanism.

David Wright

Radical communities: the modern community movement

Communalism within Christianity.

Jeanne Hinton

The Celtic Way: From Patrick to Cuthbert

Irish pioneers in Christianity.

James Atkinson

Return to simplicity: Francis, Dominic and the friars

The rise of the Franciscan and Dominican friars.

Simon Tugwell

Protest and renewal: Reformers before the Reformation

Waldensian, Lollard, and Hussite reformers before the great reformation of the 16th century.

Alan Kreider

Life-bringers: the Protestant Reformation

Never was there a time when the church needed a Martin Luther as it did then.

James Atkinson

God’s left wing: the Radical Reformers

Many Anabaptists took the Bible so literally they outraged more conservative reformers but others warped its teaching to revolt against the established order.

Alan Kreider

Christian liberty: the Puritans in Britain and America

The Puritans wanted even more reformation in the established church. Their emphasis helped bring about civil war in Britain.

Robert Norris

Strangely warmed: the Wesleys and the Evangelical Awakening

The roots of the Methodist revival.

A. Skevington Wood

Christ in his church: Newman and the Tractarians

John Keble annual assize sermon kicked off the Tractarian movement.

Michael Harper

The Lord’s Watch: the Moravians

The small Moravians denomination was born out of the fires of persecution but became a world-wide mission movement.

A. Skevington Wood

Winning the world: Carey and the modern missionary movement

Few men have been as influential in the church as one impoverished cobbler.

Brian Stanley

Christian History Timeline: Organizing for mission

A chronology of early British mission organizations.

the Editors

Salvation Army

William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army.

Cyril Barnes

Releasing the Spirit: the Pentecostals

How Pentecostals came to form a third strand of Christianity.

Michael Harper

An African way: the African Independent churches

Understanding the emergence of independent African churches.

Michael Harper
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