Issue 99 Faith & the American Presidency

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“The Most Democratic Book in the World”

Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were champions of both the Bible and progressive reform

Mark Noll

Civil Religion in America

Presidents have often served as chief pastors of the nation's shared beliefs

Gary Scott Smith

The American Moses

In his 1796 Farewell Address, George Washington argued that religion and morality were essential pillars of the new republic

Gary Scott Smith

The Wall of Separation

The rancorous presidential election of 1800 brought religion to the forefront of public debate and had lasting repercussions for the relationship between church and state

Daniel L. Dreisbach

War and the Will of God

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address pointed a grieving nation to the mystery of divine providence

Ronald C. White Jr.

“This Mighty Scourge”

An Excerpt from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Abraham Lincoln

A Nation on a Mission

William McKinley saw America's unexpected opportunity in the Philippines as a sign from God—and set the U.S. on a new course of global influence

Richard V. Pierard

“I am Cyrus”

Harry Truman’s support for the creation of the State of Israel was rooted in his interpretation of Scripture

Paul Charles Merkley

Hot Words in the Cold War

In his controversial "Evil Empire" speech, Ronald Reagan sought to re-moralize America's conflict with the Soviet Union

Paul Kengor

We Shall Answer to God

Every elected president has referred to God, providence, or a "higher power," in an inaugural address

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Christian History & Biography magazine has come to an end. But our commitment to making history come alive for a new generation continues

David Neff
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