Issue 54 Eastern Orthodoxy: Then and Now

What's inside

Eastern Orthodoxy: Did You Know?

Little-known or fascinating facts about Eastern Orthodoxy.

Daniel B. Clendenin

From the Editor — Exotic Orthodoxy

Welcome to one of the most exotic journeys Christian History has taken.

Mark Galli

The great divorce

For centuries Christians East and West lived as strangers to one another. Then Catholics violated the Orthodox.

Mark Galli

Imperious Mistress?

An Orthodox archbishop on the Catholic pope.


Better the Infidel

Why two attempts at reunion were rejected by the Orthodox people.

Mark Galli

Kissers and Smashers

Why the Orthodox killed one another over icons.

Bradley Nassif

The Spirit-Bearers

If you know a little about Eastern monasticism, you know a great deal about Eastern Orthodoxy.

John Chryssavgis

Christian History Timeline: Eastern Orthodoxy to 1453

Chronology of the Eastern Orthodox church.

Gerald Bray

Eastern Orthodoxy: A Gallery of Impact Pray-ers

Five men who still define Orthodox spirituality.

Gregory and Federica Mathewes-Green

What the Orthodox Believe

Four key differences between the Orthodox and Protestants.

Daniel B. Clendenin

An Exercise in Wonder

Orthodox writers on the deep mysteries of the Christian faith.

various Orthodox writers

The Counsels of Christ

Stanley Samuel Harakas

A Taste of Glory

For the Orthodox, worship is heaven on earth.

Paul Meyendorff

We Do Not Wish to Blur the Faith

The spiritual head of Orthodoxy speaks some frank words to Protestants.

Bartholomew I

Eastern Orthodoxy: Christian History Interview — An Evangelical Appraisal

The strength of Orthodoxy, it turns out, is also its greatest temptation.

Harold O.J. Brown

Eastern Orthodoxy: Recommended Resources

Resources to learn more about Eastern Orthodoxy.

the Editors
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