Issue 25 Unconventional Dwight L. Moody

What's inside

Dwight L. Moody: Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about Dwight L. Moody and his associates and times.

the Editors

From the Editor: Delightfully Unconventional

Introduction to this issue on Dwight L. Moody.

Kevin A. Miller

The Life & Times of D. L. Moody

How an awkward country boy with a grade-school education became the greatest evangelist of the Gilded Age.

Dr. David Maas

Colorful Sayings From Colorful Moody

Moody’s common sense and quick wit led to many pithy sayings. A sampling.

Dwight L. Moody

The World Has Yet to See . . .

The surprising origin of Moody's most famous phrase.

Mark Fackler

The Nearly Fatal Voyage

“The ship’s sinking, Father.”

Vinita Hampton

Key People in the Life of D. L. Moody: A Gallery

A gallery of people associated with D. L. Moody.

Vinita Hampton and C. ]. Wheeler

The Three Rs of Moody’s Theology

Three great Bible truths were central to all of Moody’s preaching.

Stanley N. Gundry

Questions About Moody’s Theology

The five that people ask most often.

Stanley N. Gundry

Christian History Timeline: Dwight L. Moody and His World

Chronology of some key events relating to the life of Dwight L. Moody.

the Editors

How Moody Changed Revivalism

The evangelist converted mass evangelism.

David W. Bebbington

What Is Revivalism?

Defining a key concept.

David W. Bebbington

The Popular Educator

Moody was not an educational theorist or systematizer, but he was a popular educator par excellence.

Virginia Lieson Brereton

The Northfield Schools

Moody founded two private New England schools that continue today.

James Findlay

D. L. Moody’s Contribution to Christian Publishing

He was the catalyst for two of America’s largest religious book publishers.

Allan Fisher

From the Archives: The New Birth

Excerpts from a sermon that Moody preached at least 183 times.

Dwight L. Moody

D. L. Moody: Recommended Resources

Resources for further information about Moody, his teaching, and his times.

the Editors

The Faith Behind the Famous: Florence Nightingale: Christian History Sampler

She singlehandedly revolutionized the field of nursing, a mission that began with a call to God’s service at age 17.

Mary Lewis Coakley

A Forceful Faith

Excerpts from Florence Nightingale's letters and diaries.

Christian History Timeline: Events in the Life of Florence Nightingale

Chronology of key events related to the life of Florence Nightingale.

Why Study Church History?

Surprising answers from a variety of writers

the Editors
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