Issue 56 The Paradox of David Livingstone

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The Paradox of David Livingstone: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about David Livingstone: missionary explorer.

Ruth A. Tucker

From the Editor — Livingstone — The Great non-Missionary

Even Livingstone himself, tried to pin “missionary” on his lapel.

Mark Galli

Discovering Livingstone

The man, the missionary, the explorer, the legend.

Alvyn Austin

Creatures Great and Small and Annoying

Dr. Livingstone was also a meticulous scientist.

Alvyn Austin

David in the Lion's Den

Livingstone seemed unimpressed by the great cats—even after being attacked by one.

Alvyn Austin

On Expedition in Africa

The explorer encounters an exotic continent.

David Livingstone

The Evil that Baffled Reformers

African slavery thwarted every effort to eradicate it.

Ted Olsen

Christian History Timeline: David Livingstone, Missionary Explorer

Chronology of the life and times of David Livingstone.

Elizabeth Isichei

The Man with Three Wives

Though Livingstone loved his family, he spent little time with them.

Elizabeth Isichei

Finding a Useful Wife

Bachelor Livingstone’s unromantic stroll into marriage.

Ted Olsen

The Other Livingstone

The same traits that led the explorer to greatness, led him into the Zambezi disaster.

Ted Olsen

The Paradox of David Livingstone: A Gallery of Pioneers & Pallbearers

Those closest to the remarkable explorer were often remarkable themselves.

Steven T. Grezlak

Accidental Missionary

Henry Stanley did more than find Livingstone—he followed him.

Elesha Hodge

Link Essay: Great White Father

After Livingstone opened Africa, Western missionaries moved in by the thousands. Did they hurt or help Africans?

Mark Shaw

David Livingstone, Missionary Explorer: Recommended Resources

David Livingstone, missionary explorer.

the Editors
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