Issue 74 Christians & Muslims

What's inside

Christians & Muslims: Did You Know?

Unusual fruits of Western encounters with Islam.

Elesha Coffman

Christians & Muslims: From the Editor — The Cover’s Story

A picture of Hagia Sophia, heavy with Christian and Islamic symbolism, speaks of centuries of ambition, sorrow, and bad faith.

Elesha Coffman

Muhammad Amid the Faiths

The prophet’s interactions with paganism, Judaism, and Christianity birthed puzzling prophecies and a legacy of strife.

James A. Beverley

Islam 101

Basics of a foreign faith.

James A. Beverley

Secrets of Islam’s Success

It spread faster than any other religion in history. Here are some reasons why.

Elesha Coffman

The Pact of Umar

Islamic protection came with a price.

Chris Armstrong

A Deadly Give and Take

Crusaders fought many terrible battles in the Middle East, but Muslims started —and won—the war.

Paul Crawford

The Battle of Tours, 732

Four contemporary accounts paint two radically different pictures.

anonymous Arab chroniclers, Isidore of Beja, and St. Denis

Christian History Timeline: 3 Phases of Christian-Muslim Interaction:

Chronology of Christian Muslim interaction.

the Editors

Christians & Muslims: A Gallery of Spiritual Warriors

As their brethren attacked Muslim fortresses, these evangelistic crusaders fought for Muslim souls.

Steven Gertz

From Crusades to Homeland Defense

Martin Luther responded to Islam with a new military philosophy, fresh focus on the Qur'an, and provocative readings of biblical prophecy.

Gregory Miller

Four Jihads

Jihad means more than warfare, but the sword is central to Islam’s texts, its history, and its founder.

Mateen A. Elass

Divided by Christ

Whether Christians under early Muslim rule used polemic or polite dialogue to defend their faith, they hit an impasse at the Incarnation.

Samuel Hugh Moffett

Imperial Evasion

When the West finally gained influence in the Islamic world, Christians lost their nerve.

Andrew F. Walls

Christians & Muslims: Interview — Justice and Peace

Because broken promises fueled Islamic militancy, the road to stability must be paved with good faith.

conversation with J. Dudley Woodberry

Christians & Muslims: Recommended Resources

More resources for further reading on Islam and Christianity.

the Editors
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