Issue 33 Christianity & the Civil War (Full-Color Reprint)

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Christianity and the Civil War: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about Christianity during the American Civil War.

the Editors

The Puzzling Faith of Abraham Lincoln

Where was God in this brutal national war? An unbaptized non-churchgoer came up with a profound answer.

Mark A. Noll

Lincoln’s Life — And Key Religious Statements

A Lincoln chronology.

Mark A. Noll

Headed for Heaven or Hell?

How would Lincoln answer? His political opponent, a famous frontier preacher, wanted to know.

the Editors

Christianity and the Civil War: A Gallery of Firebrands and Visionaries

Leading people in religion and politics during the Civil War era.

Mark Galli

Christianity and the Civil War: A Gallery of Other Key Figures

Some people of influence during the Civil War.

the Editors

The Abolitionists

Despised and often attacked, they courageously carried the slaves’ cause for thirty years. Why have these inescapably Christian men and women been forgotten?

Tim Stafford

American Slavery: How Bad Was It?

Selections from the most powerful anti-slavery pamphlet ever written.

Theodore Weld

Why Some Christians Supported Slavery

Key reasons advanced by southern church leaders.

the Editors

Broken Churches, Broken Nation

When slavery divided America’s churches, what could hold the nation together?

the Editors

Revivals in the Camp

At first, most Civil War soldiers cared little for religion. But as the bloody war dragged on, hundreds of thousands converted to Christ.

Gardiner H. Shattuck, Jr.

Reports of the Revival

The Confederate camp became “a school of Christ.”

Gardiner H. Shattuck, Jr.

Behind Enemy Lines

While carrying tracts to Union troops, one preacher was seized by Confederates as a spy.

Perry Brown - American Tract Society

Christian History Timeline: Christianity and the Civil War

Chronology of the United States Civil War.

Keith J. Hardman

Christianity and the Civil War: A Gallery of Fighters of Faith

These Christian generals helped wage the Civil War, and their faith affected how they did it.

Jeffery Warren Scott

What About Ulysses S. Grant?

He was the Union’s leading general and twice president of the United States. But he was no saint.

the Editors

Preaching the Holy War

What did Protestant ministers say about the raging national battle?

James H. Moorhead

God Is On Our Side

Selections from sermons during the Civil War era. From God Ordained This War: Sermons on the Sectional Crisis, 1830–1865 edited by David B. Chesebrough (University of South Carolina press, 1991). Used by permission.

the Editors

The Secret Religion of the Slaves

They often risked floggings to worship God.

Albert J. Raboteau

Christianity and the Civil War: Recommended Resources

More resources on Christianity and the Civil War.

Charles Reagan Wilson
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