Issue 50 American Revolution: Christianity’s Overlooked Role (Full-Color Reprint)

What's inside

Christianity and the American Revolution: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about Christianity and the American Revolution

Cassandra Niemczyk

From the Editor: Discovering the Unexpected — Again

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself surprised.

Mark Galli

Letters to the editor

Reactions to Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages.

Our Readers

Preaching the Insurrection

Angry colonists were rallied to declare independence and take up arms because of what they heard from the pulpit.

Harry Stout

Fighting Words

Peter Muhlenberg gave perhaps the most dramatic sermon of the Revolutionary era.

Mark Couvillon

Christianity and the American Revolution: A Gallery of Christians in the Cause

Five devout champions of liberty and revolution.

Mark Couvillon

Holy Passion for Liberty

In their own words, patriots describe their sense that God had ordained their cause.

the Editors

Christian History Timeline: Christianity and the American Revolution

Chronology of some events related to the American Revolution.

Robert Calhoon

Disciples of Reason

What did the founding fathers really believe?

Edwin Gaustad

Battling Irreligion in the Ranks

Chaplains had one of the toughest jobs in the Continental Army.

Charles Royster

Jesus vs. the Watchmaker

Which ideas energized the American Revolution: those of evangelical Christianity or enlightened deism?

Derek H. Davis

Curious Mix in the Continental Congress

How Christians and deists worked together in the war effort.

Derek H. Davis

The Price of Dissent

Christians who argued against independence suffered for it.

Harry S. Stout

Selfish, Ungrateful Rebels

Many devout Christians were deeply troubled by the drive for independence.


A Revolution in Religion, Too

The Revolutionary War changed American Christianity, and it still sparks debate today.

Mark Noll

Christianity and the American Revolution: Recommended Resources

More resources about Christianity and the American Revolution.

David W. Kling
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