Issue 45 Camp Meetings & Circuit Riders

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Camp Meetings and Circuit Riders: Did You Know?

Little Known Facts about Camp Meetings and Circuit Riders.

Timothy K. Beougher

Christianity on the Early American Frontier: From the Editor — Religion Untamed

It is hard to capture the spiritual ferment that shook early America.

Mark Galli

Revival at Cane Ridge

What exactly happened at the most important camp meeting in American history?

Mark Galli

Piercing Screams and Heavenly Smiles

An eyewitness account of signs and wonders at early camp meetings.

Barton W. Stone

A Bird’s-Eye View of a Camp Meeting

Camp meeting rules came from years of experience.

the Editors

Wrestling with God and Man

Dramatic accounts from the frontier’s most popular autobiography.

Peter Cartwright

Holy, “Knock-’Em-Down” Preachers

The common Methodist circuit rider transformed American Christianity.

John H. Wigger

Christian History Timeline: Christianity on the Early American Frontier

Chronology of some important events in American frontier religion.

Keith J. Hardman

Counter-Culture Christianity

A look at the radical utopian communities that sprang up across the early frontier.

Bruce L. Shelley

Rejecting the Negro Pew

As revival religion blossomed, so did the independent black church.

Wesley Roberts

All Sins Swept Away

A slave describes her delayed but dramatic conversion.

Jarena Lee

Focus on the Frontier Family

How Methodists strengthened the Christian home—and changed it.

Gregory Schneider

The Great Spirit Descends

A stirring camp meeting among Native Americans.

James B. Finley

Christian History Interview — Revivals That Changed a Nation

Frontier faith captured the heart of the common person—and molded America’s character.

Nathan O. Hatch

Christianity on the Early American Frontier: Recommended Resources

More resources about Christianity on the American frontier.

Dickson D. Bruce, Jr.
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