Issue 88 C.S. Lewis: Pointing People to Reality

What's inside

C.S. Lewis: From the Editor

Carpets, Wardrobes, and the Glory of the Real

Jennifer Trafton

C.S. Lewis: Did You Know?

Interesting and Unusual Facts about C. S. Lewis

Compiled by Robert Trexler and Jennifer Trafton

Living History

Bits and pieces in the news that illuminate the past.

Compiled By Chris Armstrong

Campus Ministry Cambridge Style

The roots of InterVarsity and other evangelical college clubs.

Collin Hansen

Mind in Motion

He tasted many philosophies, but he was always stuck on reality.

J. I. Packer and Jerry Root

Hearts in Training

Lewis employed his imaginative gifts to dispel his readers’ illusions and educate their feelings.

Doris T. Myers

Making Doctrine Dance

Why Lewis defied convention and opposition in order to bring Christian truth into the public arena.

Christopher Mitchell

Literary time travel

As a scholar and a teacher, Lewis sought to see the present through the eyes of the past.

Bruce L. Edwards

Reading over Lewis's shoulder

A good way to follow Lewis’s thought is to read what he read.

Doris T. Myers

Knights & Martyrs

The medieval tradition of chivalry gave Lewis a unique perspective on the proper Christian response to war.

Michael Ward

C.S. Lewis: Christian History Timeline

C.S. Lewis: His Life & His Works

the Editors

The Postman’s Knock

Lewis scaled a mountain of mail with wisdom, wit, and courtesy.

Andrew Cuneo

The way of friendship

What an Oxford don learned in the “school of virtue.”

Colin Duriez

The Great Iconoclast

Lewis had always believed that God shatters our images. But the death of his wife put his faith to the ultimate test.

Jerry Root and Jennifer Trafton

The Jack I Knew

A Conversation with Douglas Gresham.

Douglas Gresham

C.S. Lewis: Recommended resources

More resources about C.S. Lewis, his times, and his friends.

the Editors

Dorothy Sayers: “The dogma is the drama”

People Worth Knowing

An interview with Barbara Reynolds by Chris Armstrong

Erasmus’s Revolutionary “study Bible”

Erasmus prefaced his monumental work of scholarship with an exhortation to Bible study.

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Changed Lives

Why read Christian biography?

John Piper
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