Issue 7 C. S. Lewis

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C.S. Lewis: From the Publisher

Introduction to this C.S. Lewis issue.

the Editors

C.S. Lewis: Did You Know?

Interesting facts about C.S. Lewis

the Editors

C.S. Lewis: A Profile of His Life

Overview of the life of Lewis including his childhood, progression from atheism to Christianity, marriage, and other major events.

Lyle W. Dorsett

Christian History Timeline: C.S. Lewis

Chronology of key events in Lewis' life and times.

the Editors

The Inklings

The most famous literary "club" of the 20th century.

the Editors

C.S. Lewis: A gallery of family and friends

A Gallery of thumbnail sketches of close and influential family and friends of C.S. Lewis.

the Editors

Into the Land of Imagination

Lewis defined reason as the natural organ of truth and imagination as the organ of meaning.

Clyde Kilby

Personal Correspondence

Lewis’s private correspondence was as prolific as his writing for publication. Here are some samples of his letters.

C. S. Lewis

Teacher, Historian, Critic, Apologist

The output of Lewis’s research and writing extends far beyond those works for which he is best known.

Dabney Hart

Western Civilization at the Crossroads

What kind of future awaits as? What are our choices? Peter Kreeft looks at Lewis’s view of the kind of history we are creating...

Peter Kreeft

Following that Bright Blur

Embracing the supernatural elements of Christianity while committed to its rationalism, Lewis brought an orthodox view of a transcendent, immanent God to the common man.

Jerry Root

Beyond the Double Bolted Door

The death of his wife severely tested Lewis’s faith as well as his theology

John Beversluis

The Great Divide

When I fail as a critic I may yet be useful as a specimen.

C. S. Lewis

Have We No Right to Happiness?

The last published article by Lewis before his death asked this question.

C. S. Lewis

The Kilns

About an image of Lewis home, the Kilns.

the Editors

C.S. Lewis: Recommended Resources

More reading about C.S. Lewis.

the Editors
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