Issue 109 Eyewitnesses to the Modern Age of Persecution

What's inside

“Father forgive them”

The persecution of Christians in modern history: staggering numbers, inspiring stories

Christof Sauer and Thomas Schirrmacher

Tortured for Christ

Richard Wurmbrand stood for Christ behind the Iron Curtain. It cost him 14 years in prison

Merv Knight

Start seeing persecution

How Westerners overlook persecution, what it looks like, and what we can do about it

The editors and Roy Stults

Imprisoned over a glass of water

Persecution of Christians in the Islamic world

Sheraz Khan

“We got him!”

Rómulo Sauñe gave his life for Bible distribution in Peru

W. Terry Whalin

Hard pressed but not crushed

In Christianity’s African cradle, churches are burned and believers imprisoned

Yabibal Teklu

Eyewitnesses to modern persecution, Did you know?

Christians have suffered for their faith throughout history; here are some of their stories.

The editors

Editor's note: Modern persecution

What you will read in this issue is, in part, history that is still being written

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Marching in the Lord’s Army

A Romanian Orthodox renewal group faced persecution from both church and state

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Offering himself for a stranger

Maximilian Kolbe gave his life to save another prisoner from the Nazis

Heidi Schlumpf

Where the gates of splendor led

The complicated story of the “Auca Martyrs”

Ruth A. Tucker

Stubborn saint

Wang Mingdao and the birth of the Chinese house church movement

Roy Stults

Prison theology

Protecting a secret house church ministry in China

Bob Fu

Something worth dying for

An Arab Israeli brings people to Christ behind closed doors

Steven Khoury

Searching for me with pistols and daggers

The first Christian arrested under Pakistan’s blasphemy law tells his story

Daniel Scot

A prisoner’s song

An Eritrean gospel singer wrote this song in prison, drawing strength from those who had suffered before her

Helen Berhane

World persecution map

A map showing persecution hot spots around the world


The Jerusalem of the East

When the guard’s flashlight beam swung away and the dog’s barking ceased, Professor Cho had a revelation: Like most North Koreans, he had forgotten God. But God had never forgotten North Korea

Hyun Sook Foley

Is there a global war?

CH discusses modern persecution with John Allen Jr., the author of a new book, The Global War on Christians

John Allen Jr.

Recommended resources

Learn more about the stories featured in this issue and put modern persecution of Christians into historical context with resources recommended by CH editorial staff and this issue’s contributors.

The editors
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