Issue 108 Charlemagne

What's inside

The man behind the empire

Charlemagne was a paradox: a warrior who fostered scholarship, a man capable of ruthless rule and devout piety

G. R. Evans

Sacred kingship

The coronation of Charlemagne entwined state and church from his day to ours

Christopher Fee

For the love of learning

How Charlemagne transformed education.

Garry J. Crites

How they feasted and fasted

Everyday life in the eighth and ninth centuries

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Charlemagne’s furniture

Whatever happened to the Holy Roman Empire?

David A. Michelson

The thousand lives of Charlemagne

How medieval poets turned a border skirmish into a foundational medieval legend

David A. Michelson

Charlemagne, Did you know?

Life in Charlemagne’s world

the Editors

Editor’s note: Charlemagne

Why does Charlemagne matter?

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

The Dark Ages? Think again

Charlemagne’s kingdom arose out of the scattered pieces of the declining Roman Empire, but also out of a vibrant Christian culture.

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Charlemagne vs. the Saxons

Were the Saxon wars really driven by the desire to convert these pagans?

G. R. Evans

How the Irish saved (Carolingian) civilization

Irish scholars, bards, and scientists were recruited to serve in Charlemagne’s court

Garry J. Crites

The idea of Christendom

Charlemagne founded it. So what was it?

Sarah Morice-Brubaker

Christian History Chart: Not your parents’ Middle Ages

The Middle Ages had many renaissances before "The Renaissance"

the Editors

Alcuin of York

Alcuin reformed education at court and established a palace library

Jennifer Awes Freeman


His life is a mystery, but not his influence

Jennifer Awes Freeman

A day at school

Alcuin of York instructs Charlemagne's son

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Broken images

How Charlemagne and the Byzantine Empire misunderstood each other

Jennifer Awes Freeman

After Christendom, what next?

A modern theologian reflects on where Christendom is today

D. Stephen Long

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