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Faith, Not Works, Counts for Righteousness

Title page of the D.L Moody Yearbook

Today's Devotional

And to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness — Romans 4:5 (ESV).

The thief [on the cross] had nails through both hands, so that he could not work; and a nail through each foot, so that he could not run errands for the Lord: he could not lift a hand or a foot toward his salvation; and yet Christ offered him the gift of God, and he took it. [Jesus] threw him a passport, and took him with him into paradise.

About the author and the source

When Moody (1837–1899) determined to let the world see what a man wholly devoted to the Lord could accomplish, he was already a successful evangelist. Following his filling by the Spirit, he led half a million people to Christ, founded a pastoral training school, a church, and a printing house, and authored several books.

D. L. Moody. The D. L. Moody Year Book: A Living Daily Message from the Words of D. L. Moody, selected by Emma Moody Fitt. East Northfield, MA: The Bookstore, 1900.

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