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Make Your Holidays Holy with Kindness

Cover of Bang’s A Line O’ Cheer

Today's Devotional

Yes, December’s cold and gray,
And the birds have flown away,
Leaving us to wintry stress,
But ourselves can change the scene
With the tints of summer green
With the brush of kindliness.
Soon the holidays we’ll see,
Full of mad hilarity,
Full of joys delirious—
By some act of kindness done
We can make them every one
Truly holy days for us!


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About the author and the source

John Kendrick Bangs was a prolific author, prankster, and satirist—not exactly someone you would expect to write a devotional. His A Line o’ Cheer offers homespun advice along the lines of today’s selection.

John Kendrick Bangs. A Line O’ Cheer for Each Day o’ the Year. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1913.

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