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Jesus is the best brother

Title page of Smith’s Daily Readings

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[That a brother is born for adversity] may be true of others, but it is emphatically true of Jesus. We brought ourselves into adversity, and Jesus became our brother to bring us out. The children being partakers of flesh and blood, he likewise himself took part of the same. He who was our God, became our brother. He who created us, became like us. And he did so that he might show his love to us, sympathize with us, and deliver us. As our brother, he became responsible for our debts, and he paid them. He engaged to restore us to our Father’s image and to set us before his face forever, and he will do so. In all our seasons of adversity in this world, he shows a brother’s love. He visits us. He counsels us. He comforts us. He supplies us. He stands by us when all else forsake us. He makes up all our losses, sanctifies all our crosses, bears all our burdens, and carries all our cares. He has always a brother’s heart. He performs a brother’s part. He is our nearest of kin, and he performs the part of a kinsman well. O wondrous love of Jesus, which brought him into the closest relationship to us, and influenced him to do everything he could for us! O Savior,

Thy wounded hands and feet proclaim
That love and mercy meet in thee;
That Jesus is the sweetest name,
The brother in adversity!

About the author and the source

Rev. James Smith was a Baptist preacher and the predecessor of Charles Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel in London (1841–1850). He wrote a book of morning devotions for the people he pastored. It was so well received he added an evening devotion, and then a book of daily contemplations on short Scriptures, Daily Bible Readings for the Lord’s Household

James Smith. Daily Bible Readings for the Lord’s Household. London: Thomas Nelson, 1850.

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