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Don’t cower because of a failure

Cover of Kelty’s Multam in Parvo

Today's Devotional

If a ruler’s anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great offenses to rest—Ecclesiastes 10:4 (NIV).

When you have committed a fault, drive away all fears as mean and cowardly; but with deep humility cast yourself upon the love and mercy of God, and keep, in silence, going on in your pursuits as if you had not sinned; for he who rises again after a fall, and continues his race, is as if he had never fallen.

About the author and the source

Miguel de Molinos (1628–1696) was a Jesuit-trained Spanish mystic, author of the Spiritual Guide, and the leading voice of the Quietists, who taught along the lines of self-annihilation of one’s own soul and its absorption into the Divine, resulting in sinless union with God. Mary Ann Kelty (1789–1873) was an evangelical writer who produced at least two daily devotionals—Multam in Parvo with selections from other Christian writers, and Eventide, with her own personal meditations.

[Mary Ann Kelty]. Multam in Parvo: thoughts for every day in the year. London: Williams and Norgate, c. 1873.

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