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Annie Armstrong’s Wish - 1894

Annie Armstrong


Southern Baptists take an annual offering for home missions in Annie Armstrong’s name. Virtually her whole life was dedicated to the cause of Christian work and missions, whether in her own town or among native Americans or in foreign countries. As a charter member of Eutaw Place Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, Annie was deeply involved with ministries to children, the poor, African Americans, sick people, and immigrants. She got her start in mission work with women’s mission organizations in Maryland, then helped found the Women’s Missionary Union which operated on a national level. As volunteer secretary for the organization, she wrote thousands of letters a year. Here is a playful excerpt from one of those letters, written to T.P. Bell (Secretary of the Sunday School Board) on this day, 30 June, 1894.


“Dear Brother,

“I wish with this letter I might send you a large palm-leaf and a very attractive pitcher of iced lemonade, for I think if you had these, you might have more patience to consider the numerous items which I will now have to present to you, but as these comforts, or rather necessities during this intensely hot weather, cannot be sent through the mail, I will have to ask that you either provide them for yourself or — consent to be a martyr.”


Keith, Carmon. A Day with Annie Armstrong.

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