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Day of Transforming Power - 1796

Hans Hauge, Norwegian revivalist.


In the early years of the nineteenth century, Norway experienced a revival, led by a carpenter, Hans Hauge. Hauge had been longing for a deeper spiritual life, assurance of salvation, and establishment on Christ the spiritual rock. On this day, April 5, 1796, he was in his father’s fields singing the hymn “Jesus I long for Thy Blessed Communion,” when suddenly he was filled with the Holy Spirit and became transformed into the man God used to bring revival. Here is a stanza of P. J. Hygom’s hymn as sung by Hauge, translated by G. A. T. Rygh.


“Mightily strengthen my spirit within me,
That I may learn what Thy Spirit can do;
O take Thou captive each passion and win me,
Lead Thou and guide me my whole journey through!
All that I am and possess I surrender,
If Thou alone in my spirit may’st dwell,
Everything yield Thee, O Savior most tender,
Thou, only Thou, canst my sadness dispel.”

“The Life of Hans Nielsen Hauge.” Augsburg Now Vol. 60, No. 1 (Fall 1997).

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