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Pray for Revival in Beirut - 1834

Beirut in the 19th century.


Sarah L.H. Smith, wife to Eli Smith—a pioneer in translating and printing the Bible into Arabic—became a missionary in her own right, pouring herself into the task of educating Arab and Orthodox girls of Lebanon. However, her health was not up to the task and less than three years after going there she died. Here is a journal entry from this day, April 2, 1834, written four months after she and her husband arrived at Beirut. 


“Our school continues to prosper, and I love the children exceedingly. Do pray that God will bless this incipient step to enlighten the women of this country. You cannot conceive of their deplorable ignorance. I feel it more and more every day. Their energies are expended in outward adorning of plaiting the hair and gold and pearls and costly array, literally so. I close with one request, that you will pray for a revival of religion in Beirut.”


Henry Harris Jessup. The Women of the Arabs.

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