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Temperature charts - 1942

Lillian Trasher


Lillian Trasher was a Pentecostal missionary who lived a life of deep faith. She felt led by God to open a home for Egyptian orphans. (See her story on April 7.) In a letter dated this day 26 November 1942 she tells how God used an Egyptian doctor, Dr. Hanna, to help her give better care to the babies she loved. Dr. Hanna and his wife used to drive up to Lillian’s orphanage and give the children presents. Hanna’s wife died after giving birth to a son and Lillian did not see the doctor for over a year. Then he visited the orphanage again.


“Dr. Hanna went in and saw the rows of beds filled with little babies and God touched his heart. He saw one baby boy who had a fever and asked me what I was doing for him. I said, ‘Nothing. I had not noticed he was hot.’

“He said, ‘Of course not. How can you possibly watch everything? But this is very bad. You must have one of the girls take the babies’ temperatures twice a day and have a charts for them so you can see in a minute who is ill.”

“I said, ‘Yes, Doctor, but when I find they have a fever you will be too far away to see the charts. Shall I mail them to you?” (He does not live in Assiout.)

“He replied, ‘No, I am going to teach you what to do.’

“He returned to his village and wrote me about 75 pages of instructions, telling me what to do in every possible case of illness. He told me what kind of food to give and how much for all the different ages, and sent me special measures for milk, sugar, etc. He wrote these instructions in both Arabic and in English.

“Well, we had the charts printed and taught the girls how to take temperatures and fill in the charts. Then the big girls and I started studying the instructions every Monday and Friday afternoon. We have finished now, and we all know what to do for a child who is ill and in many cases we know what the illness is.

“Sometimes when I come home from town a girl will tell me that a baby is ill. I begin to tell her what to do. She says, ‘Yes, Mamma, that is exactly what I have done.’ We have not lost any babies since Dr. Hanna gave us these instructions. All our babies are fat and healthy now.”


Trasher, Lillian. Letters from Lillian. Assemblies of God, 1982.

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