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O for a Few Good Men - 1860

Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission.


As a young man, Hudson Taylor determined to become a missionary in China, where he eventually landed in 1854. The needs he saw around him were so great that he felt overwhelmed. He founded the China Inland Mission and saw over one hundred workers enlist in it. But in a letter that he wrote to relatives in England on January 16, 1860, he would have rejoiced for far fewer workers.


“Do you know any earnest, devoted young men desirous of serving God in China, who not wishing for more than their actual support would be willing to come out and labour here? Oh for four or five such helpers! They would probably begin to preach in Chinese in six months’ time; and in answer to prayer the necessary means would be found for their support.”


Taylor, J. Hudson. A Retrospect. c. 1900.

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