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“Jesus, my Redeemer, lives, Naught from him my soul can sever Bright the hope this promise gives, I with him shall live forever Shall I fear then Can t...”

Source of text: Paine, John Knowles. St. Peter: an Oratorio. Boston: Oliver Ditson & Company, 1872. Source of date: Lahee, Henry Charles. Annals of Music in America: A Chronological Record of Significant Musical Events. Boston: Marshall James, 1922. Source of image: Paine, John Knowles. Famous composers and their music: Extra illustrated edition of 1901.


What Is the Bottomless Pit? (1886)

The bottomless pit mentioned several times in the Apocalypse is not (I believe) named in any other Book of Holy Scriptur...



Thomas à Becket is consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury. In this capacity he will trouble his former friend King Henry II and be assassinated by four of Henry’s knights on 29 December 1170.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Death at Fulham of John Aylmer, bishop of London. At one time tutor to Lady Jane Grey, he had later assisted John Foxe in translating his Actes and Monuments into Latin. As bishop of London he had been “excessively cruel” to Puritans and Catholics.

Authority for the date:


Death of Dr. Edmund Calamy, a nonconformist divine, best-known for compiling lists of ministers who dissented from the Church of England and who were consequently ejected from their pulpits. He had written biographies of some.

Authority for the date: Britannica


Death of Azariah Smith, missionary to Armenia and Turkey. He had been well-known for his successful treatment of cholera, and for scientific papers he wrote on Turkey.

Authority for the date: Bliss, Edwin Munsell, et al. The Encyclopedia of Missions


Thirty-two young men, pages of the court of King Mwanga of Buganda who had converted to Catholicism, are burned to death at Namugongo for their refusal to renounce Christianity.

Authority for the date: “The Martyrs of Uganda.”


Death of Hudson Taylor, English missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Death of Arthur Tappan Pierson, mission authority and revial leader.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

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